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An online shop also always represents an automated process in which the customer can complete the buying process from start to finish without contacting the seller. We do not want to leave you alone when buying in our shop. On the contrary: We see our new shop system as a technical tool that relieves us of time so that we have more time for you. The competent and personal advice of our customers is very important to us. You benefit from our more than 150 years of experience in the hop trade and we always provide first-class advice. Whether you have questions about hop varieties or technical ambiguities exist: With us you receive during our opening hours direct, telephone assistance.
mon - thu: 8am - 5pm & fri: 8am - 3pm | CET

I can not order, "Proceed to checkout" is grayed out!

If there are products in your shopping cart, but you do not have the option to press "Proceed to checkout", the following things can block the purchase: Shipping to your specified delivery address is not possible with any of our logistics partners. (For more information see "Shipping & Payment") your products in the cart exceed the total weight of 200 kg per order

How do I cancel my order?

If you have accidentally or incorrectly placed your order, please contact us immediately by e-mail or phone.

How do I completely delete my user account?

If you would like to completely delete your user account including all personal data, please contact our administrator by email.

Where is my goods?

Shortly after your order has arrived, we deposit the tracking number of your delivery. The numbers can be found in the corresponding order in their customer account.

I did not receive a tracking number!

If your order does not contain a sampling number, please contact us by phone or email.

Why can I only order up to 200 kg?

We strive for a cost effective solution for our customers. Experience has shown that we therefore charge a forwarding company from 200 kg.

I've forgotten my password!

If you have forgotten your access data, you can reset your password. You have to use the email address you used to sign up for our shop.

I forgot my password and my email!

If you have forgotten password and email address, please contact our administrator by mail.

I have problems with the payment

If you have any problems with the payment, please contact us immediately by e-mail or phone.

I need a copy of my bill!

After we have processed your order you automatically receive an invoice in PDF format by email. You can also retrieve this invoice at any time in your customer account in the corresponding order. ATTENTION! This feature is not available on tablets and smartphones!

ordering process

If you have found a desired product, you can add it without obligation by clicking the button [into the shopping cart] in the shopping cart. You can view the contents of the shopping cart at any time by clicking the button [shopping cart] without obligation. You can remove the products from the shopping cart at any time by clicking on the button [X] - (wastebasket symbol). If you want to buy the products in the shopping cart, click on the button [go to checkout!]. There, please check your data and your purchase again. If you are already logged in, you can log in by clicking on "My Account" and enter your customer number and postal code directly. You are also welcome to log in using the [My Account] button and then place your order. By clicking on the button [order now] you complete the order process. The process can be aborted at any time by closing the browser window.