Eisemann-Hops. For the best beers in the world. Since 1868.

Hops business Eisemann - Welcome to our online store!

We sell and ship hops, organic hops, leaf hops (vacupacks), hop pellets (type 45 and type 90) and hop extracts all over the world.
Our national and international customers include: Major breweries, Private and medium-sized breweries, Pub breweries, Craft brewers, Hobby brewers.
As well as supplying our customers with first-class hops and hop products we also offer to store orders in our cool houses. If you have any concerns in this matter please contact us.
Any questions? contact us: Use the contact form or call us – we are happy to help! (mon-thur: 8am-5pm | fri: 8am-3pm | time zone: CET)
phone: +49 6226 - 43 53 or   contactform
The head office of the hops business Hildegard Eisemann GmbH & Co. KG has been located in Spechbach since 1964, a small community in the Kraichgau region, situated between Heidelberg and Sinsheim.
The management consists of Rudolf Eisemann (5th generation) and his wife Hildegard. Our son Franz Rudolf (6th generation) has joined us as from 01.08.2018. The year 1868 marks the beginning of our hops business.
Further information about our company can be found on our separate website: www.eisemann.de
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